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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your choke tubes made from?

A: We use a Premium Grade, Domestically Produced, Chrome-Moly Steel. This steel is very tough, and withstands continuous use with steel shot.

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Q: Why don't you use Stainless steel?

A: Due to the impact China is having on the US Steel market, and our commitment to using USA produced materials, we have chosen to use a "Barrel Grade" Alloy Steel.

Q: Will your chokes rust if they aren't stainless?

A: Unless you have a stainless barrel that you don't clean or oil, the same process you use to care for your barrel will also take good care of our chokes.

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Q: What if I know what decimal size choke I want?

A: Email us the size, and that's what we'll make for you! Half-size, quarter size, you tell us what you want, we'll take care of you.

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Q: How tight can you make a 12Ga Turkey Choke?

A: For use with target-load lead shot, we can produce a 12Ga choke at 0.6375" These have gotten rave reviews from our Card-Shooting customers!

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Q: What's a Spreader?

A: A Spreader choke is Cylinder Bore + .005", for faster opening patterns.

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Q: What do you recommend for Pass-Shooting for Ducks?

A: Our general recommendation would be a Modified Choke, to start. You would be best to refer to our suggested choke page, which covers many different shooting scenarios, with corresponding choke suggestions.

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